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Welcome to the Digital imagery section

This area of my web site is an area showing a few of my digital images dating back to the early 90's.

Click on the previews below to see larger images (~100k)

The above images have been created by digital means.
Some these images have appeared on other web pages including the Sky and Land online exhibition. The three images on the lower row were created for educational/research purposes during my undergraduate degree at the Tasmanian School of Art at Hobart.

These images were created using Adobe Photoshop 3 and Macromedia's Painter program. Photoshop is an amazing program as many people know. It's an excellent way to get those things that you may have in your minds eye out into something a little more tangible.
With Photoshop 7 having recently been released it is well worth investigating if you are even casually interested in digital imagery. It can take some getting used to but with a little perseverance Photoshop can reward you many times over.