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Welcome to the Cycling section

This section is dedicated to a few photographs of bike trails and scenery. I've also included a couple of pictures of my mountain bike and my road bike.

Click on the previews below to see larger images (~100k)

The images below are from the Pipeline track, see below images for details.

The above photo's are of the "Pipeline" track in the Wellington Park reserve. It close to Mount Wellington which over looks the City of Hobart (The Capital of Tasmania). It is a fire/service trail that is open to mountain bike riding and bushwalking. It's length it approximately 9 kilometers long. At the end of the trail is a weir that can be seen above. It's great to see and sit at the weir when you reach it. The trail has a slight gradient which is great because on your return the trail slopes downwards so you get a bit of a free ride. At the time of writing this (December 1999) I've not riden a trail better than this one. It is tranquil, serene and perfect for a recreational rider like me who prefers to take in the scenery while riding.

Pictures below are from the inter city bike track.

The above photo's are of the inter-city bike track that connects Glenorchy city and Hobart. The track is made from concrete and is well maintaned. It's used by walkers, skateboarders, inline skaters, and of course cyclists. The track is marked with a centre white line, but in my experience people dont always take note of that, and walk or ride two abreast. Though it's not necessary, if you ride fast or if you want to, you may want to consider fitting an bell to warn slow movers up ahead that your comming through, or you can just slow down and change a few gears to get thier attention. The track is separated by a few intersections at roads but they are clearly visible as there are barriers in place just before each intersection.

All in all it's a great track and perfect for all levels of cyclists.