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Set-up Equipment Notes
--- Last Updated 31st December 2001 ---
My equipment set-up is pretty simple. I have four main guitars, they are a 1991 Ibanez 540R LTD with a 1987 Ibanez Ultra neck (Top left picture), a 1997 Ibanez SC420, a TV Twenty designed by Blues Saraceno and built by Samick Guitars (See picture below left), and an Ibanez Roastar II series (Below right).

The Ibanez radius (540r) was in very poor condition when I got it via mail order so I got a replacement neck from a guy in the USA, and I replaced the tremolo with a practically new unit. One of these days I'll refinish the body but for the short term I'm happy to leave it as it is.

The TV Twenty has two Dimarzio Paf Pro humbuckers which I installed to replace the Seymour Duncan designed humbuckers that the guitar originally came with. The original pickups were ok but I like the Dimarzios more. The tremolo is a Schaller Floyd Rose model with hardened knife edges. I installed it myself which required doweling the old tremolo post holes then re drilling for the new posts. The TV-20 is a nice guitar and it's quality far exceeds the brand name it carries. It has a very fat neck and sustains like a sustaining thing that sustains heaps, especially with the Schaller.

My other guitar is an Ibanez Roadstar II series (See picture below right). It used to have 3 single coil pickups, but I got sick of the hum in the bridge position so I put a Dimarzio Paf Pro in there. I've taken that out now and replaced it with the neck position Seymour Duncan designed humbucker from the TV-20. It's a great guitar and it sounds that way when I want to play bluesy stuff.

I use EXL 140 D'Addario Electric guitar strings (10's to 52's) on my Roadstar and TV-20. On the Ibanez Radius I'm using EXL110's (10's to 46's).

I have a couple of other electrics and two acoustics, but I rarely use them so they are not on here for now.
My main guitar My main guitar
1991 Ibanez 540R LTD Ibanez SC420

My main guitar My main guitar
TV Twenty - 1999 Ibanez Roadstar II Series - 1984


I don't use an amp anymore, apart from my Stereo Technics SU-8600 power amp and a Boss GT-6, because I am more than satisfied with the sound I get from my GT-6.

As you can see from the pics at the bottom of this page I have a couple of valve amps, and I have a few pedals too, but I just don't like the sound as much as the digital simulated amp sims in the GT-6. If I was gigging again I'd fire up the amps more, but for home/studio use they aren't as versatile as the GT-6.


My speakers are home made ones that have 12" polypropylene woofers, and mid-high frequency tweeters in each sealed box. They are very economical and produce results better than any guitar amp/speaker I have ever owned or currently own.

GT-6 Settings

I have the settings in the utility section on my GT-6 set to Line(Headphones), Low Eq (0dB), High Eq (0dB), NS Threshold 0dB, Reverb Level 100%. I've tried the other settings and they simply lack the warmth and the tone of the Line(Headphones) option. The black output dial on my GT-6 is set to 2/3 rd's or seven O'clock.

Other Equipment

That's it !. My poor vintage amps which are all valve amps (See pictures below) are cowering in the corner of my room hoping I will come back to them one day. The more I use my Boss GT-6, the more I realise that my old set-up of Boss pedals and valve amps, just wasn't the sound I was looking for.
Future Equipment Plans

I'm looking to buy a small rack system that has a better stereo delay than the GT-6, one that has a reverse effect. I'm also in the process of buying a couple of other guitars, electrics, and maybe an electric nylon string classical.
The other thing I think I might try is a Boss DS-1 into the Fender, via a delay/reverb unit, just to see how close I can get to the Joe Satriani live sound.

My old set-up
Old set-up : 1976 Orange Reverb Twin and 1964 Blonde Fender Bassman, with a Crybaby Wah, Boss Super Overdrive SD-1, Turbo Overdrive OD-2, Chorus CE-3, Equalizer GE-7 and an Ibanez PDD1 DCP Delay.
I used to run the amp section of the Orange into the cabinet of the Bassman, because it sounded much deeper that way. Might have something to do with the 15 inch 1965 Warfedales in the Bassman cabinet.

My old Rose Morris Golden Tone Half stack - Australian Made - Date Unknown My Eston Super 20 - Australian Made - Date Unknown
Rose Morris Golden Tone Half stack - Australian Made Date Unknown Eston Super 20 - Australian Made - Date Unknown